Eye Logic Treatment

Guinot Eye Logic treatment for skin surrounding your eyesEye Logic, a brand new Guinot anti-aging treatment, offers an effective and visible solution to the 3 most important problems of the skin surrounding your eyes:

  • puffy bags
  • dark circles
  • wrinkles

This 40 minute long treatment reduces the signs of fatigue and old age on the forehead, upper and lower eyelids, between the eyebrows and on the crow's feet in 3 steps. We recommend you to take this treatment with Guinot Age Summum treatment together in order to renew your face, eyes, neck and decolletage.

Step 1:

During the double ionization treatment a special gel is gently rubbed into the skin under your eyes.


  • promotes the detoxication of puffy bags
  • detoxifies dark circles
  • smoothes out crow's feet and wrinkles between the eyebrows

Professional explanation:

  • puffiness is relieved by strenghtening the walls of blood vessels and getting the detoxication going
  • dark circles are reduced by green algae extract, which stimulates micro circulation
  • ATP is indispensable to cell function
  • Cellular Life Complex promotes cell growth and increases the lifetime of cells
  • Pro-Oxygen supports oxygen supply of cells
Step 2:

Eye contour massage - its goals:

  • stimulates the detoxication of the skin under your eyes
  • enhances the micro circulation
  • relieves puffiness

We gently rub a creme de serum specifically developed for this purpose into the skin with special moves, so the lifting effect can be seen instantly.

Step 3:

Eye contour mask

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