IPL (Intense pulsed light) Hair Removal

IPL technology

Hair removalIntense pulsed light technology belongs to the most modern permanent hair removal treatments. The IPL machine delivers a specially filtered, visible, broad-spectrum pulse of light through skin into the growing hairs. The light is absorbed by the pigment of hairs and hair follicles and light is transformed into heat energy, hereby hair follicles sustain an injury and become inactive. Melanin absorbs instense pulsed light selectively, so thermal relaxation is assured, therefore the tissues surrounding the hairs don't warm up and skin remains intact.

As melanin is produced in the growing phase, only those follicles are lysed during the treatment that are in the anagen phase. Most of our hairs are in repose, only 20-30% of them are actually growing. This means that more sessions with 6-10 week breaks are required for a long-lasting result. The number of treatments depends on the colour of your skin and hair, on your physiological condition and in which phase your hair growth is.

Advantages of IPL hair removal:
  • Long-lasting effect - due to the treatment series your skin will be smooth and hair free for long, after-treatments can keep this status for years
  • Painless - there's no pain or discomfort, which occur during waxing or epilation
  • Selective effect - intense pulsed light damages only follicles, skin remains intact
  • No side effects - IPL is not followed by an allergic reaction, therefore intimate parts can be also treated
  • No ingrown hairs - IPL prevents folliculitis and ingrown hairs
Before treatment:

- 30 days before the treatment avoid sun exposure, or if it's not possible, using sunscreen is recommended. Solarium tanning is forbidden!

- at least 14 days before treatment the following activities should be suspended:

  • waxing
  • epilation
  • plucking
  • bleaching, tinting
  • using depilatory cream

- 24 hours before treatment shave the region to be treated; don't go swimming or to sauna because chlorine in water irritates the skin

- if your face is treated, before treatment remove your makeup

Treatment process:

Just before the treatment all hairs are removed from the area concerned and a cooling contact gel is spread on your skin. The IPL treating head emits the pulsed light, which is absorbed by melanin, so hair follicles become inactive. During the treatment we monitor skin reactions continuously. As the intense pulsed light damages only the growing hairs, some hairs remain after treatment, this is why only one treatment is not enough. During treatment there's no change, dead hairs fall out 2 weeks later. Treatment is finished by cleaning your skin.

After treatment:

- Avoid sun exposure for a week, using sun protection cream is recommended for further 2 weeks.

- For 48 hours don't take a hot bath and don't go to sauna.

- Stay away from chlorine water.

- Don't peel your skin for a week.

- Don't wax or epilate the treated area. Shaving is allowed.

- You will have some redness of the areas for a few hours or so, it doesn't need any treatment.

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